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R&D driven AI solution engineering factory

We are passionate about applying foundational science and engineering theories, principles and methodologies in developing intelligent solutions to address real-world problems.
We are highly experienced in incorporating research philosophy with engineering
disciplines to develop innovative, reliable, sustainable, and practical solutions.

We are fully Australian owned business.


You are safe
engaging with us

All our IP are owned and retained in Australia.
All the data, development work and project artefacts are managed and retained in Australia.
We comply with both Australia and International industry standards and regulations.

Why work with us

We Know How

Implementation and Infrastructure
Implementation and Infrastructure
Transform and integrate data from multiple sources
Apply strong security measures across all levels of data infrastructure
Provide reliable real-time communication
Manage quality throughout full data journey
Establish sustainable, scalable, and high-performance data pipelines
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research in algorithms
Frame and construct problems
Implement algorithms to address problems
Analyse results to understand the characters of algorithms
Identify improvement opportunities
Solution Building
Solution Building
Implement AI algorithms to address problems
Enhance models to be robust and sustainable in production environment
Off-the-shelf solution components that can be integrated with various systems
Solution customisation to satisfy customer specific needs