We are your AI Transformation Partner.

We help organisations to enhance business improvements by implementing suitable AI solutions.

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AI Accelerator Program

AI Analytics capabilities empower the on-going evolution of insights, the growth of knowledge, and the continuous improvement of business excellence. This program helps our customers to accelerate AI Analytics capability building and achieve business objectives.

  • AI Analytics capability building strategies and roadmap.
  • AI Analytics capability framework development.
  • AI Analytics infrastructure design.
  • AI Analytics proof of concept.
  • AI Analytics quality assurance.
AI-Powered Business Innovation

AI-Powered Business Innovation package combines Business Improvement Research and Development (R&D) and AI Prototyping.

This service package enables customers to identify the opportunities of business improvements, evaluate the suitability of the proposed approaches, demonstrate the innovative ideas through working prototypes, and build practical improvement roadmap.

It unlocks the power of AI technologies to inspire innovative business improvement ideas and deliver real values.

AI Analytics Knowledge Sharing

TeleMARS delivers training course and workshops to help our customers equip their teams with up-to-date knowledge and skills and get ready for AI transformation.

Available Products

  • An Overview of Analytics and AI.

Data Analytics and AI technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years. There is an increasing need for people in various domains to gain fundamental knowledge about the emerging concepts and terminologies. Read “AI Analytics Workshop” to know more.

  • AI Analytics for Network Operation.

This training course is developed through a collaboration between TeleMARS and RMIT University.  The emerging AI for IT Operation (AIOps) technologies target at solving the network operation challenges using AI methods. To develop AIOps solutions, organisations need capability enhancement to understand what problems can be solved by AI methods with network data and how. Click here to know more,

  • Sustainable AI Capability Framework.

Organisations have realised the values of AI-Powered business excellence. While the development of AI Analytics solutions has been widely carried out, the challenges of on-going development increase.