We respect and understand our clients and their needs.

We work closely with our clients and their representatives.
  • Subject matter expert
  • Business improvement expert
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Program manager or director
  • Business owner
  • Data specialist
  • Multi-disciplinary technical team

You will be working with TeleMARS delivery team directly.

Problem framing

During the problem framing phase, the following outcomes are to be achieved.

  • Stakeholder engagement and analysis
  • Initial requirement gathering and analysis
  • Requirement maturity assessment
  • Problem framing and construction

The expected outcomes of the scoping phase include

  • High-level solution proposal¬†
  • Scope of work statements
  • Solution delivery milestones
  • Change management strategy and approach

The following outcomes are expected at the end of the planning phase.

  • Requirements consolidation for the proposed solution
    • A confirmed requirement baseline
    • A structured process and method of agile or iterative requirement development
  • Requirement life-cycle methodologies¬†
  • Detailed solution delivery methodologies and processes
  • Solution delivery schedules
  • Acceptance approach and plan