AI Analytics Network Operation Fundamentals Training program is developed collaboratively between TeleMARS and RMIT University, which is supported by APNIC Foundation


Network environments are becoming increasingly ephemeral, heterogeneous, distributed, and hybrid, network operation industry is facing increasing challenges including the lack of collaboration; fast-pace of change in dynamic resource orchestration; troubleshooting is time consuming; and the ever-growing cyber-attacks impose on-going threats on network operations.

Our survey showed network operation industry has strong interest and motivation to learn how Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technologies can help the operators to overcome the increasing challenges. There is a strong need of upskilling in network data analysis and AI technologies.

Meanwhile, TeleMARS and RMIT University (“RMIT”) have worked together to explore and develop knowledge sharing mechanisms to bring cutting-edge research outcomes in industry innovation.

TeleMARS and RMIT collaboratively develop a training program aiming to improve industry capabilities to support AIOps transformation.


This training project aims to equip industry professionals with the up-to-date knowledge and skills of network traffic data and the process of applying AI technologies to solve operation problems. 

The trainees gain knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • An overview of network traffic data which is used for AI solution development.
  • An overview of the processes and skills of network data preparation for AI solution development.
  • Demonstration of how AI technologies are applied to solve Network Operation problems.
  • An overview of AIOps including major technologies, methods, and processes.
  • Practical skills that can be used in daily work:
    • Collect network data.
    • Conduct basic analysis.
    • Prepare data for problem solving.

The knowledge enables trainees to make decisions on adopting suitable AI technologies to solve business problems.